To be, or not to be?

After much thought, both Saumil and I have finally come up with a short list of goals we wish to achieve this year. In a way I am glad this post comes at the very end of January, we got enough time to gauge the worth of each goal we set for ourselves.

So without much further ado (Shakespearean much?!?), here is what we hope to accomplish in 2013:

  1. Live simple: Off late we’ve started to get more aware of how frivolous most of our wants are. So this year we aim to only ‘get’ things we really ‘need’ in our life. We wish to live by ‘need not, want not’ (OK, I just made that up).
  2. Be fit: Yes, fit mentally (hahaha, who are we kidding!), physically and financially. We have plans for 2013 to be the fittest year of our lives, yet.
  3. Give: We realize for the past several years we’ve been in the ‘take’ phase of our lives. This year we want to start changing this. Our plan is to give time to causes we are passionate about, and help contribute in our own tiny way to make a difference. As my personal agenda, I hope to give the gift of education to few and bring a smile to at least one person’s face every single day…

Well, and now that I actually have our thoughts translated into words, our goals seem lofty …but I guess what’s not easy, keeps life exciting.

Psst- Taproot Foundation and Save the Children are some of the causes/forums that have piqued our interests. We would love to hear about any other similar forums you may know about.



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